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Struggling to find your identity as a business? Feel like your branding, logo or website design could be stronger – but not sure how? 

Build on solid foundations. Research and strategy are key to creative success.

perfect place to start

A ‘Brand Review’ by Garlic provides the answers, and gives you the perfect platform for building a better brand. You’ll receive an independent and honest assessment of your branding by an experienced designer – with actionable insights to help take your brand to the next level.  

1. Ice-breaker: The perfect conversation starter, a Brand Review can motivate your teams and colleagues to engage in design discussions – pushing branding to the top of the agenda.

2. Driving change: Review results will help you leverage budget for any future brand ambitions, marketing campaigns or development projects. It builds your case, and helps you drive change.

3. Fresh perspective: Gain insights from a design expert with more than 20 years’ branding experience. I have worked for clients including Disney, Coca-Cola, the Royal Shakespeare Company, English National Opera, Oxford University Press, The National Archives and the University of Oxford.

4. Design lessons: It’s not just your business that will benefit from the Review – you’ll learn as an individual too. Add a deeper appreciation of branding and design to your skill-set.

Brand Review

Included in the package
£ 375 Starting from
  • Critique of your business branding
  • Analysis of your website homepage
  • Review presented in a 10 page PDF
  • Over 20+ years branding experience
  • Follow-up call to discuss insights
  • 10% discount off your next project

Premium Review

Included in the package
£ 750 starting from
  • Extensive critique of your branding
  • Extensive analysis of your website
  • Assess your social media channels
  • Review presented in a 15 page PDF
  • Over 20+ years branding experience
  • Follow-up call to discuss insights
  • 10% discount off your next project

Branding comparison table

Good Brand
Bad Brand
A creative branding process involving people across business
A business branding policy involving just the management
Consistent and coherent implementation of identity across all channels
Inconsistent and incoherent misuse of identity across all channels
Human centric to create a personal connections
Business centric to create a faceless corporation
Continuously evolving to stay ahead in a crowded marketplace
Reactively reinvents to catch up with the crowded marketplace
Listens to and actions customers feedback
Hears but ignores customer feedback
Looks at the bigger picture and the long-term impact
Looks with tunnel vision for the short-term gains
Inspires, builds loyalty and customers become brand advocates
Disappoints, loses loyalty and customers become brand detractors

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