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Our Natural Habitat

Core Values

The seeds
Let's unearth your core values, and bring your mission and vision statements to life...

Brand Strategy

Fertile soil - Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor.


THE Water
Water is life - Your copy should flow across the page or screen, crafted multilingual copy to 'reflect' a wider audience (inclusive)...

Brand Identity

The roots
Underground strength - Support your mission with cohesive brand implementation across all your deliverables.


The nutrients
Nurture your internal and external comms like brand guides, pitch decks, training manuals, sals tools, workshop materials, funding applications etc...


The Trunk
Explainer diagrams, roadmaps, timelines and infographics to reinforce your company's sustainable growth.


Shed light on - your company's website needs updating or you need a dedicated landing page...


The leaves
Photosynthesis - Source and cultivate 'green' and 'diversity' led photography, illustrations, icons and other graphics...

Social Media

The canopy
Sing from the treetops! Announce your membership to your followers with branded social media assets.

“Without such grounding, you will be a leaf in the wind - vulnerable to the elements from all directions. Better to stand as a tree, firmly rooted in your own values, principles and convictions.”

The Future We Choose by Christina Figures and Tom Rivett-Carnac

Meet the Tide Turners

One Percent Structure

Jonathan White

Senior Art Director, Garlic | Branding ecosystems for collective change

Christine Lacayo

Multilingual storytelling for mission-driven brands | Ocean Storyteller

Suzie Gamboa

Conscious Brand Strategist | Helping sustainable and regenerative brands

Inspiring Projects

Rewired Earth

Leopard Print

Start Your Journey Here

Multi-step ‘lead generation’ form to design and insert here. Something along the lines of a Typeform style… https://www.typeform.com/templates/t/lead-generation/

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