Creative fit
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Creative support and branding resources for 1% for the Planet members

Our partnership helps 1% for the Planet members clearly communicate, reimagine, and scale their brand purpose and message.


Using a strategic understanding of your central brand story, we offer a fresh perspective on all of your brand touchpoints.


We cultivate brands working for more regenerative and sustainable change.


We use a values-based strategy approach to inform our story-infused branding process

Our Natural Habitat

Core Values

The seeds
Let's unearth your core values, and bring your purpose, mission, and vision statements to life.

Brand Strategy

Rich and fertile soil teems with microbial life, we’ll explore the ingredients that make up your brand to build your rich fertile foundation.


THE Water
Your website copy and content should flow like water with no boundaries. Our multicultural and multilingual copy and content helps reach more markets and serves a more diverse audience.

Brand Identity

The roots
Strengthen and support your mission with a cohesive brand identity and robust brand roots across all your deliverables and touchpoints.


The nutrients
Nurture your internal and external communications with story-infused brand guides, pitch decks, training manuals, sales tools, workshop materials, funding applications, and much more!


The Branches
Watch your brand diversify with strong and unique branches (explainer diagrams, roadmaps, timelines, and infographics) that offer support for the fruits of your labour.


The leaves
As leaves create food from sun and water through photosynthesis, our process of sourcing and cultivating inspiring images also supplements and enriches your strong-rooted brand.


The Trunk
Build a life-giving trunk for your brand with a high-converting website (or specific landing page) that connects all your brand touchpoints to your strong foundational roots.

Social Media

The canopy
Sing from the treetops of your thriving canopy! Announce your 1% membership to your followers, and share your brand message, goals, and vision with branded social media assets.

Our Framework


Purpose-filled work is what fuels thriving and happy people. Our strategy involves diving into a values-based and purpose-seeking approach before building the rest of your brand ecosystem so you can fully take root in what you were made to do in this world.


People who know their purpose in life are happier and healthier. Purpose-driven people directly enhance the resilience and growth of your business. Our approach considers all people involved in your business from your team and suppliers to your clients and community.


Only through purpose-filled and happier people can we work towards protecting our common home, making a more intentional impact in the communities and ecosystems that so urgently need your work.


A healthy planet and happy people are built on a thriving economy. Our branding techniques will help boost your bottom line and have your customers coming back for more of what you have to offer.

Meet the Tide Turners

Jonathan White

Senior Art Director, Garlic | Branding ecosystems for collective change

Christine Lacayo

Multilingual storytelling for mission-driven brands | Ocean storyteller

Suzie Gamboa

Conscious Brand Strategist | Helping sustainable and regenerative brands

Client Reviews

The Netherlands
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“Garlic have a fantastic eye for design, their ability to ‘get inside’ the needs, aspirations and spirit of the project, and their long experience with the scientific community. Their excellent design, rapid turnaround and ability to stand his ground where necessary.”
Breast Cancer Action
United States
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"The design work helped transform the look of this event from one of a small, emerging, grassroots fundraiser to one that is now fully professionalised, reinvigorated, and hopefully newly enticing to our community of members. Garlic's work is stellar!"
Rewired Earth | UN
United Kingdom
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"They have demonstrated their deep knowledge of the sustainability space. Finding Garlic has transformed our creative capability and I’m incredibly grateful for how he has gone above and beyond to deliver a range of artistic services for Rewired Earth."
Global Water Intelligence
United Kingdom
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"Garlic go above and beyond to not only deliver on your objectives, but to also inspire and develop your own thoughts and visions through the creative process. A lot of effort is focused on background research and impressively well-thought out ideas."
FEMS Microbiology
The Netherlands
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“Garlic really got to grips with the organisation’s identity and objectives. Their creative process really spurred on our own thinking and ideas and helped us clarify exactly what we wanted. We are happier with the result than we even thought we could be!”
Bonavero Institute | Oak Foundation
United Kingdom
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"Garlic were fantastic to work with from start to finish. We gave them a general idea of what we wanted. They took our ideas and turned them into a template with clear and easy navigation for the reader, very pleasing to the eye and altogether elegant.”

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“Without such grounding, you will be a leaf in the wind - vulnerable to the elements from all directions. Better to stand as a tree, firmly rooted in your own values, principles and convictions.”

One Percent Forest

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