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human centred design

Amplify your voice with graphics to brand and promote your podcast or webcast series. Authentic marketing messages combined with human centred design to increase your organisation’s impact.

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Social media post images, carousels, grids, stickers and stories designed to communicate and resonate with your followers. Crafted content to inform and expand your organisation’s reach. 

delivering solutions

Working closely with the education sector or with your local community? Let’s produce some meaningful educational toolkits, to help your organisation inspire and motivate the next generation. 

“His fantastic eye for design, his ability to ‘get inside the needs, aspirations and spirit of the project.”

Corporate Communications Advisor, IHE Delft, UNESCO

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A sustainable career move

One question I asked myself during the pandemic lockdowns – can graphic design be a catalyst for climate action? There is a silver lining that I witnessed from many working in the creative community during this period of reflection. We’ve been given a chance to reset. More questions surfaced, like can design influence a meaningful change to humanity? It can feel rather overwhelming. Where do you start? How do I find fulfilling design work, with a higher purpose but still make a sustainable income for my family. During my research I stumbled upon the US based Climate Designers community of creatives and I joined their UK chapter. Their mission:

“To provide the resources, knowledge, and community for designers to take climate action in the work they do. To inspire, motivate, and graduate climate designers by providing climate-focused resources for design educators.” 

This online platform has provided inspiration, support and resources to help me become a more climate conscious designer and through Garlic Agency, I’m hoping to spark change through creativity. Recently I have been working pro bono with ClimateScience, a UK-based charity driven by volunteers from all around the world. ClimateScience creates fun and easy-to-understand, yet reliable resources for education on solutions to climate change. You can read more about my design business and personal values on my about page.

Barriers and boundaries

Climate change and therefore climate action is intrinsically complex but one constant is that the majority of scientists agree it’s real. Climate change affects people disproportionately. Research by Oxfam shows that the world’s richest 10% of people cause 50% of emissions. Whilst developing countries with ineffective governments and widespread poverty face the most profound risks from the extreme environmental changes. So how can my design agency begin to overcome these seemingly insurmountable hurdles?

  1. Help clients move away from convenience and conventional thinking by promoting use of the circular economy model – Take less. Make less. Waste less.  
  2. Support charities and organisations working in the climate sector at discounted rates (or pro bono), to spread their campaign messages
  3. Cutting down trees to disseminate knowledge seems rather hypocritical! I will be scaling back printed materials for clients and for my own business. Any print that is absolutely necessary will be carefully considered and produced sustainably.
  4. Provide sustainable website solutions for clients with carbon neutral hosting.
  5. Continue to be an active member of the Climate Designers community. 
  6. Fund and be an active member of The Tide charity founded by SeaLegacy.
  7. Dedicate my Instagram account to raising awareness and sharing resources about climate change, sustainability and environmental issues. 

Changing the tide

We should learn from the global pandemic. We should be asking ourselves what we can do. And at a bare minimum, we should be listening to climate change experts to educate ourselves. Even if we just make one small change. 

It’s time to work together.

Climate awareness and action deliverables
Animated Key Messages
Branded Web Banners
Campaign Creative
Demonstration Placards
Educational Materials
Fundraising Materials
Google banner ads
Guerrilla Marketing
Inspiring Infographics
Instagram Posts + Stories
Scientific Reports + Documents
Social Media Campaigns
Third Sector websites and specific landing pages (designed & developed in Wix or WordPress)

“A lot of effort is focused on background research and impressively well-thought out ideas and proposals.”

Marketing Director, Global Water Intelligence

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