brand clincs

Converse. Critique. Change.

Listen to everyone’s opinion within the business. Ideas can come from anywhere. Stay engaged.

Communication Breakdown

Not as painful they sound! These initial conversations are designed to help you understand your branding requirements, before briefing any projects. 

In the creative industry you sometimes hear about the communication gap between designers, design agencies and their clients. I navigate any potential gaps by establishing clear communication from day one. The art of branding is a subjective process, so I listen attentively and work tirelessly with my clients to understand their business and their aspirations. 

Let’s start off on the right foot. If your branding is to connect successfully with your customers, then client and creative need to click. A Brand Clinic is a structured conversation to help you and your colleagues to investigate and expertly critique your existing business branding. A fresh perspective to spark your business branding project. Let’s set up a video call with Google Meet or Zoom. 

Branding comparisons

Good Brand
Bad Brand
A creative branding process involving people across business
A business branding policy involving just the management
Consistent and coherent implementation of identity across all channels
Inconsistent and incoherent misuse of identity across all channels
Putting planet and people first to create purpose
Business centric to create a faceless corporation
Continuously evolving to stay ahead in a crowded marketplace
Reactively reinvents to catch up with the crowded marketplace
Listens to and actions customers feedback
Hears but ignores customer feedback
Looks at the bigger picture and the long-term impact
Looks with tunnel vision for the short-term gains
Inspires, builds loyalty and customers become brand advocates
Disappoints, loses loyalty and customers become brand detractors

Book a Brand Clinic

Brand Clinic

Initial conversation (1 hour)
£ 100 for 1 hour session
  • Conversation around brand values
  • What problems are you facing?
  • Critique existing business branding
  • Over 25 years branding experience

Brand Surgery

Deeper consultation (2 hours)
£ 200 for 2 hour session
  • Consultation around brand values
  • What problems are you facing?
  • Critique existing business branding
  • Consider your market competitors
  • Consistency of implementation
  • Over 25 years branding experience

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