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Our affiliation with the Notion community creatively supports and scales startups. For full disclosure, I’m a Notion Partner, so when you sign up using the links below, you also help support me and my content!

Brand dashboards

Brand guidelines designed and hosted in a centralized Notion workspace. Ensure brand consistency across your team's internal and external communications with an accessible, user-friendly, and flexible dashboard.
From £3,000

Our workspace

We’ve been providing brand and design services to national and international clients since 2007. We cultivate brands working for more regenerative and sustainable change. Read more about what drives the agency forward on our core pillars page or manifesto page. 


Purpose-filled work is what fuels thriving and happy people. Our strategy involves diving into a values-based and purpose-seeking approach before building the rest of your brand ecosystem so you can fully take root in what you were made to do in this world.


People who know their purpose in life are happier and healthier. Purpose-driven people directly enhance the resilience and growth of your business. Our approach considers all people involved in your business.


Only through purpose-filled and happier people can we work towards protecting our common home, making a more intentional impact in the communities and ecosystems that so urgently need your work.


A healthy planet and happy people are built on a thriving economy. Our branding techniques will help boost your bottom line and have your customers coming back for more of what you have to offer.

The illustrations on this page were generated using Adobe Firefly, with the ‘text to image’ prompt ‘very simple minimal black white sketch, white background, style of Gerald Scarfe.’

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