Garlic’s creative services are dedicated to serving four core sectors: Climate Action, Education & Science, Human Rights, and Mental Health. Each represents a unique thread in the tapestry of positive change.

We offer unwavering support to these causes.

We’ve pledged not to work for fossil fuels polluters to show our commitment to a sustainable future for the creative industry.

Climate Action

Fueling fundraising campaigns and developmental initiatives for startups and global leaders alike, sowing the seeds for a sustainable future. 

Education + Science

Where our creative collaborations with esteemed academic institutions enrich learning and research experiences, propelling knowledge forward.

Human Rights

We stand alongside Human Rights organisations working on the frontline, lending our creative support to protect and empower global citizens. Landing page coming soon!

Mental Health

Crafting holistic design solutions for not-for-profits and charities who work tirelessly providing vital therapeutic services, that foster individual well-being. Landing page coming soon!

Garlic’s full stack of software tools. Icons supplied by and Font Awesome

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