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Only transform your brand on the outside, once you’re confident it’s clear on the inside.

Brand new dimensions

Whether you need your company logo refreshed, or you need a complete branding overhaul, your search for ‘brand designer’ or ‘branding agency’ has led you to Garlic Agency. Like any good detective, I will ask you a series of questions, to help me understand your business at a deeper level. This discovery stage of the branding process should help us detect and define what makes your business unique from the competition. 

There are of course a whole host of branding theories – funnels, filters and frameworks that supposedly make the process more effective. In my experience, it’s first and foremost about telling your story. An authentic and engaging story that will resonate with your customers. I recently came across a revolutionary ‘four-dimensional’ branding model by Swedish-born brand strategist Thomas Gad. His 4D Branding process helps to demystify some of the illusions that surround branding. Additionally, it could be a useful exercise to categorise some of the world’s leading brands using the following 5D approach:

Core brand components

Working together I will help your organisation and your clients by nurturing and evolving your branding. Put simply, branding your business is my business. I can offer clients a comprehensive, independent and honest evaluation of their current brand assets – this fixed price service is sometimes referred to as a ‘Brand Asset Review’ (BAR), click here for more information.  

I can help give your business the fresh start it needs. As a one of the core components of your brand, it’s paramount that your logo creates a positive association right from the start. You don’t just want customers to notice your logo, you want them to remember it, and to associate it with a certain quality of product or service. I will effortlessly roll out your new branding across everything from your annual reports, events and exhibition materials, social media channels and of course your website. Create your authentic business identity with Garlic’s logo design service.

Guidance and guidelines

I usually recommend producing a set of brand guidelines once the project is nearing completion. These documents are invaluable guides which help to form the foundations of any new brand. Sometimes they adopt alternative names like Brand Manuals, Brand Toolkits or Brand Style Guides depending upon the client’s preference. They can take the form of an interactive PDF file, which can then be emailed or be hosted on a company server for various teams to access. Another solution to ensure ease of access and brand accuracy, would be to create a secure bespoke page on your website. This page could contain a smorgasbord of downloadable brand assets including: your logo suite, plus colour palettes, typography rules, user interface instructions, iconography, illustrations and photography, tone of voice, social media templates, links to further reading and internal contacts for branding advice. A place your brand elements can call home.  

Whatever your requirements, I will take care of your branding project from start to finish. From the initial concept stage to the unveiling of the print-ready and web-friendly brand solution. I will tweak fonts, sharpen colours and adjust styles to ensure the branding perfectly encapsulates your company’s personality. 

I have a wealth of experience to help your business take control of its brand identity.

Unpacking the layers

Branding Services

Brand refresh or a complete rebrand?

Is your business confronted by one the situations listed below? It might be time for a brand refresh:

When to consider a brand refresh?

What does a brand refresh involve?

Is your business confronted by one the situations listed below? It might be time for a total rebrand:

When to consider a rebrand?

What does a rebrand involve?

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