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“The set of images created for our various social platforms saw our page views go up 42% and our likes go up 20%.”

channelling your energy

Cultivate a social media presence your business can be proud of. Connect with customers and amplify awareness of your brand. Struggling to brand your social media channels? Trying to increase your followers and reach new audiences? Looking for fresh content to post on your channels? As a starting point, let’s critique your existing social channel branding to understand why your message isn’t being heard. A good piece of advice I read recently is to focus your efforts on the social networks where your core audience is already active. There is an abundance of demographic data you can grab to obtain insights into each channel’s strengths and weaknesses.

Create engaging content

Garlic can help you to refresh and recharge your social media platforms. One solution could be to produce a set of branded template post images – your team could then adapt these flexible assets as and when required. Another answer could be to create a stockpile of branded post images, stories, quotes, quizzes, and stickers – like this tennis themed example we created. This creative collection could be used to support specific marketing objectives, or to reach a broader audience and drive more traffic to your website. 

If you’re creating carousels for Instagram or LinkedIn, remember to employ the useful acronym A.I.D.A. This has been around since Elias St. Elmo Lewis developed the sales model in 1898 and more recently, Chris Do explains ‘Why your Instagram carousels are being ignored’ in this excellent short video

In summary, A.I.D.A. stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. Inside your carousel slide one needs to grab attention. The next few slides (2-5) are designed to engage the audience by building interest. The penultimate carousel slide should increase the desire by adding more detail, the final slide is your call to action.

Refresh Social

Included in the package
£ 1000 for 10 hours work
  • Critique your existing social media
  • Design 8 social media post images
  • Resized + supplied for 2 channels
  • Follow-up call to discuss next steps

Recharge Social

Included in the package
£ 1500 for 15 hours work
  • Critique your existing social media
  • Design 12 social media post images
  • Resized + supplied for 3 channels
  • Header + profile images 3 channels
  • Follow-up call to discuss next steps

“I feel like every email I send starts with me praising you - but thank you so much!”

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