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“Please share as appropriate, my thanks and congratulations to those involved in the production of this impressive brochure.”

Looking good on paper

If you’re looking to produce a sustainable piece of print or a print-based marketing campaign, then you’ve come to the right place. Garlic has over 20 years’ experience designing printed promotions for a wide variety of clients. Wave goodbye to creative blocks and leave me to handle your print requirements for you.

Is your business eager to do something new but can’t put your finger on it? Searching online for a ‘design agency’ or ‘graphic designer’ was your first step, rest assured I will hold your hand throughout the design process, to ensure a successful and environmentally friendly print job. Some say it’s all about thinking outside the box – but actually, it’s just about being unique. So if everybody else is thinking outside the box, I will be inside it, making the most of the space! 

Punchy printed promotions

To promote your product, event or service with real panache, you need to stand out. Your promotions are competing with everybody else’s for attention. Dare to be different. Whether you’re organising a direct mail campaign, merchandise, a brochure or catalogue, signage for your office, or supporting collateral for an upcoming event or exhibition, Garlic is primed and ready to help.

Need some creative expertise to implement an effective promotion locally, nationwide or even worldwide? I can give you the edge. The competitive advantage to turn heads, attract glances and drive interest. Whatever your medium, whatever your goal, I guarantee a promotion with a real punch. You’d be right in saying that I am an old hand when it comes to print solutions. I work with several trusted print suppliers, see the Design FAQ page for my recommendations.

Sustainable print solutions

Sustainable print is often seen as an oxymoron. Cutting down trees to disseminate knowledge seems rather hypocritical. Wherever possible we need to utilise technology and find innovative new solutions to efficiently promote products and services. Time to embrace climate conscious design and print. 

If you really must deliver a printed solution, we need to look carefully at the end-to-end process to minimise print wastage. We need to consider every ‘brand touchpoint’ to ensure each has as little impact on our environment as possible. Take each campaign deliverable and find sustainable alternatives such as animations, interactive PDF files, social media assets, and website landing pages can all be utilised to replace traditional printed media. Consider these five key criteria if you are producing printed materials:   

Designing business cards for clients was always a fundamental part of any branding project. It feels like those days are gone, confined to the back pocket. “Each year 100 billion business cards are produced worldwide, over 90% will be thrown away. That equates to around 6 million trees felled and an astonishing 300 litres of water is required to produce just 1,000 cards!”

The Canopy website is a database to search for ecologically sound papers around the world.

Garlic's print design services
Cotton Business Cards (100% Recycled)
Wooden Business Cards (biodegradable + compostable)
Brochures + Catalogues (produced sustainably)
Interior + Exterior Signage (FSC certified + recyclable)
Labels + Stickers (biodegradable + compostable)
Posters + Banners (produced sustainably)
Stationery Sets (produced sustainably)
T-Shirts + Tote Bags (produced sustainably)

Brochure shopping?

Many of these printed brochures were converted into fully interactive documents.

“Garlic have a wonderful talent for taking our briefs and providing inspired creative ideas.”

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