Garlic’s creative services span these main categories: Branding & Identity, where stories find their visual home. Creative & Content, where implementation takes tangible form, and Digital & Websites, where innovation and functionality merge seamlessly. New for 2024 AI content creation!

Services to tell your organisation's story...

We’ve pledged not to work for fossil fuels polluters to show our commitment to a sustainable future for the creative industry.

Brand x Identity

Art Direction
Brand Clinics
Brand Evolution
Brand Guidelines
Brand Management
Brand Reviews
Brand Revolution
Icon Systems
Logo Design
Notion Dashboards

Creative x Content

Advertising Campaigns 
Art Direction
Campaign Ideation
Canva Collaboration
Data Infographics
Exhibitions & Events

Pitch Decks & Presentations
Podcast + Webcast Graphics
Promotional Campaigns
Reports & Publications
Social Media Content
Video Storyboarding

Digital x Websites

Animated Logos
App Prototypes
Landing Pages
High Fidelity Mockups
Midjourney Creation (AI)
User Interface (UI)
Website Design
Website Banners
Wix Development
WordPress Development


Generative AI.

ChatGPT Research 
ChatGPT Copy
Canva Baulk Creation

Adobe Firefly Imagery
Midjourney Imagery
Prompt Engineering


Design x Artwork

Annual Reports
Billboard Sites 
Digital Brochures
Flyers & Postcards
Large Format Posters

Pop-Up Banners
Signage Systems
Stationery Sets
Transport Liveries

Garlic’s full stack of software tools. Icons supplied by and Font Awesome

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