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Presenting your data and research findings can be a daunting task. I can provide your institution with both creativity and organisational skills in equal measure, ensuring the results are easy to digest. 

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Thoughtfully designed infographics can simplify complex processes when the content is separated into stages. Experiment with unconventional design formats to launch your research project.

Element of Surprise

Annual reports and strategy documents shouldn’t be an exact science. They should be accurate, accessible to diverse research communities, and help to advance scientific knowledge. 

“Garlic provided us with so much vision and inspiration. We are happier with the result than we even thought we could be!”

The catalyst

Winning the design pitch to rebrand the Federation of European Microbiological Societies (FEMS) back in 2014. Following on from a productive branding workshop with the marketing team and journal editors, I designed and developed a creative and cohesive brand system. This was then implemented across FEMS print, digital and social channels. I have enjoyed working with cutting edge organisations in the field of scientific research ever since.

scientific breakthrough

Since I started working as a graphic designer I’ve been formulating design solutions for clients using a mix of both science and art. I consider the blank page (or an Adobe canvas) as my laboratory where the elements of design collide – carefully considered type, colours, shapes, graphics and photography join forces, resulting in pioneering design.  

Questioning by nature. I question the design brief. I question myself. And I question the creative solution. The structured design process I use has evolved over the years and my approach to graphic design projects remains meticulously organised. 

Beautiful data

The design process can help filter your complex information and experiment results, making the data accessible to a wider audience. Infographics can be an ideal visual mechanism for explaining a process, identifying patterns, or comparing statistics from your latest research. A well-executed infographic design isn’t just about pretty pictures – it’s about avoiding information overload, and presenting the right information to the right people at the right time. 

The discipline of logo design definitely involves science and research. Design identities need to work effectively at microscopic sizes, for example a browser favicon icon is a mere 16 pixels. Businesses are thoroughly researched before any creative work begins. Logos are often engineered and the branding components around them constructed, to ensure a robust and flexible end product. Logos need to be more than just creative.

Website design too is another discipline which requires a balance of science and art. Where form battles function – to ensure the site is both discoverable, easy to navigate as part of a seamless user experience, rich content driven, and of course appealing to the eye.  

My extensive experience has been gained working in diverse fields such as astronomy, cardiology, climate, microbiology, pharmaceuticals, psychotherapy, quantum computing, and the global water crisis.

Science fact, not science fiction.

Science research sector deliverables
Annual Reports (Digital & Print)
Branding & Brand Guidelines
Congress & Symposium
Event Banners & Stands
Explainer Animations
Infographic Design
Interactive Documents
Podcast & Webcast Branding
Presentations & Pitches
Product Launches
Scientific Publications
Signage (Digital & Print)
Social Media Assets
Virtual Event Platforms
Website Banners
Entire websites or specific landing pages (designed & developed in Wix or WordPress)

“Garlic really listen to our needs and deliver high quality, creative results adhering to the brand guidelines created for us. Highly recommended.”

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Working from either my Bodrum studio or back in the UK, Garlic provides clients with a full stack of graphic design services and ongoing support. Use the form below to request a virtual meeting or a WhatsApp call. 

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